Computer Laboratary

In the world of dynamic technology no-one remains untouched by the dominance of machines. It is the endeavor of institute to provide full-time computer facility to the students so that they can cope with the vibrant trends in IT industry.

A unique feature of the institute is its state of the art computer facilities to develop computer skills and competence in their students as per real time requirement. CTI always emphasizes to provide best facilities specifically with the latest computer Hardware and Software Configuration in all the programmes being offered to create better prospects and wider opportunities for its pass-outs.

The institute provides 100 computers distributed in 3 different labs. All the labs are connected through the main server, located in the special server room. The computers are abundant and have most modern configuration including the latest Core Duo and Pentium - IV; all these computers are networked based on Windows 2003 server and Red Hat Linux server.

A team of well qualified faculty and instructors attend to the students to ensure that new users become familiar with the use of computers and practiced users upgrade their knowledge and skills.